Training Courses

Certified Training

Since opening our first of four NI Certified Training Centers in 1996, DSA has established itself as a leader in LabVIEW automation and software training programs. We’ve had the privilege of educating many of the world’s leading companies, and nearly 10,000 students, over that period of time, in National Instruments and other vendor’s products. And we commonly earn the feedback that “having experts at LabVIEW systems integration teach the classes creates a much more valuable experience than if taught by a novice.”

DSA is now a Sixclear Certified Training Partner offering perfectly clear, instructor-led LabVIEW training courses taught by the most highly acclaimed Certified Professional Instructors nationwide. The intense, hands-on and seminar-based training options that we offer can be conducted at our regional Certified Training Centerson-site at our client locations, or online. In either case, DSA provides all the necessary computers, peripherals, projectors, and software, data acquisition & instrumentation hardware, sensors, and student manuals, solution CDs, etc. All classes are taught by degreed experts certified and deeply experienced in the course content.

LabVIEW Introductory Courses

DSA will continue to offer professional, instructor-led training programs in a group setting for high-demand, introductory courses at our dedicated, and recently renovated, learning facilities.

LabVIEW Fundamentals Training is a robust curriculum developed by Sixclear and taught by DSA certified experts, is comparable to other introductory LabVIEW course offerings, and is designed to pick you up from little to no LabVIEW knowledge to full programming capacity. Beginning programmers will be exposed to some basic LabVIEW concepts and then start moving from small applications to increasingly larger ones.

Data Science Automation is holding LabVIEW courses at a discounted rates for students, faculty, and staff members of an education institution. Please call (724) 942-6330 to discuss pricing options, and inquire whether you are eligible for the Academic Discount.

FastTRAK Specialty Courses

FastTRAK was crafted to specifically resolve many past complaints with in-frequently scheduled and frequently cancelled specialty classes. In this model, DSA provides consultative, one-on-one, on-demand FastTRAK training options to replace low-demand, specialty courses, covering the same content but faster and sooner, and at the same advertised price.

Pick a class below, and

  1. You won’t have to go it alone, or travel to Austin.
  2. DSA will provide an expert to coach you through the same course topics.
  3. You won’t have to wait; schedule it at your convenience, at your place or ours.
  4. You don’t do the exercises during class, so we can cover all the topics with a shorter time commitment from you.
  5. It is one-on-one, so you get ample personalized guidance for your specific application or interest.
  6. And it’s the same advertised price as before.

TrakSYS Courses

Python Course