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What We Know

DSA is a team of digital transformation experts that offers comprehensive solutions to help business leaders, scientists, engineers, and technicians tackle the challenges of the digital age. At DSA, we believe that technology is a powerful tool that can improve lives, elevate careers, and advance the performance of organizations. With our expertise in Industry 4.0 technologies, we help our customers stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals.


What We Do

Data Science Automation is the premier automation systems integrator, leveraging COTS products in the design & implementation of custom-engineered solutions for scientific discovery & new product development. spanning mechanical, electrical, controls & software engineering disciplines.

We work harder in the beginning, prior to any system(s) being built, properly defining the scope of the project. This approach also helps everyone involved on the project conduct a thorough risk assessment on how best to manage the intangibles.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate the risk by monitoring and controlling the potential issues before they arise.

Our best clients reduce project risk and lower total cost of ownership with our unique approach in methodically applying Adaptive Automation technologies to solve challenging problems in the areas of measurement & automation, mechatronics & machines, enterprise & integration, and consulting & training.

Data Science Automation is an automation engineering company with exceptional hardware & software programming capabilities. Our team of certified engineers and scientists provide an extensive array of risk-free automation engineering, programming, consulting, and training services that are proven to lower the total cost of ownership for our clients.

If you are looking for start-up assistance, short-term project consultation, or someone to deliver a complete turnkey systems integration and automated solution, call now and close the loop. DSAs fast & methodical processes, certified best practices, industry alliance relationships, and more than twenty years of automation testing & data acquisition experience maximizes your productivity, quality, profit, and understanding.

What We  Solve

By automating your systems and process, we can help you and your team complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. Working with Data Science Automation gives youthe benefit of having a dedicated team of certified professional focused on yourprojects time, budget, and scope without interruption. We have the transparency inour operations, employee time tracking, and incentives in place to ensure your projectreceives 100% productive time.

Most business are faced with tasks that fall outside the scope of their workforce’s expertise or capacity. Outsourcing these more specialized needs can be more cost-effective than trying to handle them internally. STOP spending time and additional costs on tasks that would be better automated or outsourced. 

Are you still relying on manual manufacturing processes? By automating your systems and processes you can actually offer development opportunities to the operators doing manual tasks. Maybe you’re struggling with cumbersome workflows, production & supply chain bottlenecks, or substandard OEE.

Low quality production and yields are a manufacturers worst nightmare. It can produce high levels of waste, effect equipment and reliability leading to low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

DSA provides valuable guidance, integration & implementation services to design and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership in data acquisition and instrumentation systems.

As your seasoned employees retire or switch careers and you replace your workforce, you can lose important skills and knowledge over time. We can help bridge the gap. 

DSA offers automation engineering services to streamline efforts and reduce labor associated with compliance initiatives.

The length of time it takes for a product to be conceived until it’s available for sale is one of the essential product development KPIs for any company’s market share success. Although there is no secret formula for improving time-to-market, we address bottlenecks that prevent timely launch.

DSA believes strongly in client empowerment. We fully recognize that it may not be in your best interest to rely long-term on the proficiency of our certified professionals. Nor do we “hold you hostage,” charging exorbitant rates for simple post-deployment modifications, or not supplying you with all the assets at the end of the project.

The market and your customers’ demands move quickly. DSA will help keep a watchful eye on current and potential challenges that will make sure your business is well positioned to anticipate and address competitive threats.

What We Practice

We have built our reputation on our ability to meet the exceedingly high expectations of some of the world’s most demanding clients. During the design, development, installation and maintenance of thousands of projects, we have refined our methodology; constantly improving on the services we are able to provide our clients.

Plan With Clarity

We seek to understand exactly what you need and how we can help with your unique problems.


Implement With Mastery

We use our combined knowledge and draw from years of experience to inform our decisions.


Ongoing support is available after project execution as you continue to learn and troubleshoot.

Support With Accountability


Learn how to deploy your project according to best practice recommendations for ongoing success.

Educate With Integrity

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What We Hear

“This was exactly what we wanted!”

“DSA has stepped in and offered critical expertise and
the ability to listen and be patient with us as we
work to discover our particular ...

“I am really glad we are asking these questions. It is good to have
somebody who can move us in a more Automated direction.”

“Now the new source code adheres to a single
industry standard as well as our internal company
standard, paving the way for increased test ...

“I like your Plan Phase approach. Other companies only quote a large lump sum
(with so many unknowns) which is hard to get approved from ...

“I am surprised you guys got as far as you did without
an HVAC expert by your side. This is really an impressive application.”

“The GUI was the literal showstopper at our tradeshow, and that was all DSA.”

“DSA is just so much easier to work with, and is better with
deadlines than other vendors we’ve used.”

“DSA was able to keep the project within budget and deliver three weeks early.”

“I never would have been able to get this Z-stage motion to
this point in this short of an amount of time.”

“DSA asks good questions and spoke knowledgeably
which led to a good & productive conversation.”

“The new motion control software driver looks great! Excellent!”

“Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.”

“Thanks for looking into my code and explaining what it does.  To be honest I had no idea!”

“The system is doing everything we want.”

“[DSA] seems very well organized, very easy to work with.”

“In hindsight, I should have given the job to professionals like DSA.”

“I’ve used this machine for years, and even learned
a few new things by working with DSA this week.”

“We had five other testers built by others,
and DSA’s was the first one that was done right!”

“I must commend DSA for its excellent workmanship in the
installation of the FieldPoint hardware for our Facility Monitoring System.”

Self-Qualification Form

As a technical user, you may know exactly what you need from us already. If you do, save time and streamline the discovery process with our self-qualification form, where you can let DSA know exactly what you need.


What We Recommend

Get started today and schedule a free consultation. Try us risk-free and learn how you can benefit from our methodical and certified best practices to advance your automation engineering and digital transformation initiatives.