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What We Hear
Trust Our Customers

“I am surprised you guys got as far as you did without
an HVAC expert by your side. This is really an impressive application.”
“Now the new source code adheres to a single
industry standard as well as our internal company
standard, paving the way for increased test flexibility,
smoother changes and program upgrades in the future.”
“DSA is just so much easier to work with, and is better with
deadlines than other vendors we’ve used.”
“DSA asks good questions and spoke knowledgeably
which led to a good & productive conversation.”
“In hindsight, I should have given the job to professionals like DSA.”
“[DSA] seems very well organized, very easy to work with.”
“Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.”
“We had five other testers built by others,
and DSA’s was the first one that was done right!”
“I am really glad we are asking these questions. It is good to have
somebody who can move us in a more Automated direction.”
“DSA has stepped in and offered critical expertise and
the ability to listen and be patient with us as we
work to discover our particular needs.”
“I like your Plan Phase approach. Other companies only quote a large lump sum
(with so many unknowns) which is hard to get approved from management.”
“I’ve used this machine for years, and even learned
a few new things by working with DSA this week.”
“The new motion control software driver looks great! Excellent!”
“I never would have been able to get this Z-stage motion to
this point in this short of an amount of time.”
“This was exactly what we wanted!”
“Thanks for looking into my code and explaining what it does.  To be honest I had no idea!”
“The GUI was the literal showstopper at our tradeshow, and that was all DSA.”
“The system is doing everything we want.”
“DSA was able to keep the project within budget and deliver three weeks early.”
“I must commend DSA for its excellent workmanship in the
installation of the FieldPoint hardware for our Facility Monitoring System.”
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