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Measurement & Automation

At the heart of many of our projects is a need to measure something in the real world quickly, accurately, and reliably. DSA helps clients select the correct signal conditioning, acquisition, and computer equipment to accomplish the measurement. We write the code to calibrate, coordinate, and record the measurements whether it is on a computer, programmable logic controller, real-time system, or field-programmable gate array (FPGA). We implement the analysis needed by the client and design the user interface to display the results of the analysis clearly to the operator.

Each project has its requirements that dictate the best solution, and DSA provides guidance and manpower to achieve that solution.



Quality Control & Automated Test

Quality control & automated test systems are used to consistently measure, analyze, report and archive product performance characteristics.

Process Control & Industrial Automation

Advanced Process Control & Industrial Automation systems are used extensively to consistently measure, archive, and control process performance characteristics.

Data Acquisition & Instrumentation

These systems consist of hardware, signals, and software, such as: sensors/actuators/transducers, analog & digital signals, signal conditioning components, data acquisition devices, and more.

Vision Systems & Motion Control

Vision systems allow manufacturers to receive a constant stream of information by capturing images of specific manufacturing processes and functions.

Wireless & Remote Operation

The control and monitoring of machines and processes from a distance, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and safety, and enabling real-time analysis for optimization.

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Mechatronics & Machines

Beyond measuring the real world, production systems must often manipulate the real world.  Robots, motors, and actuators can accomplish the manipulation, but usually require customization of both the mechanical interface to the real world (mounting and gripping) and the driving computer code. DSA can provide the expertise to achieve fast, reliable movements that speed a repetitive process and relieve workers from the drudgery of placing and re-placing components.



Custom Automated Machinery & Workcells

Quality control & automated test systems are used to consistently measure, analyze, report and archive product performance characteristics.

Automated Assembly & Inspection

Specialized technology and systems to improve production line efficiency, quality control, and real-time monitoring, minimizing risks and enhancing overall performance.


Pick-N-Place Robotics consists of automated systems that use robotic arms to pick up objects from one location and accurately place them in another location.

Material Handling & Packaging

Advanced technology and systems to streamline the movement and packaging of goods and materials without human intervention.

Simulation &

Simulation & Modeling involves creating virtual representations and scenarios to analyze and optimize processes, systems, and production outcomes.

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Enterprise & Integration

At the enterprise level, data from diverse sectors of a factory and an ever-expanding industrial internet of things (IIoT) must be integrated together and presented in ways to assist with system decisions like scheduling, maintenance, and upgrades. DSA’s database skills, data visualization, and machine learning methods help deliver meaningful information to managers and owners alike, and can deliver it to the factory floor, the management suite, or across the internet.

System upgrades are necessary when older equipment gets difficult to replace, or when security requirements necessitate changing operating systems. DSA can help specify the needed changes and make sure any old data is accessible in a new visualization system.



Data Management & Visualization

Data management is crucial across various business functions, supporting customer service, sales forecasting, and production planning to meet organizational information and knowledge requirements.

Legacy System Conversion & Integration

The process of creating programs and operating procedures for the manipulation of data repositories that are to be utilized in a platform of a different standard.

Traceability Systems
& IIoT

This provides end-to-end visibility and monitoring of products, processes, and equipment, ensuring accountability, quality control, and operational efficiency in manufacturing.


These solutions leverage internet connectivity to optimize production processes, enhance real-time visibility, and enable data-driven decision-making in manufacturing operations.

Data Science

Empowers businesses to extract valuable insights, automate processes, and make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency and innovation.

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Consulting & Training

Since opening our first of four NI Certified Training Centers in 1996, DSA has established itself as a leader in LabVIEW automation and software training programs. We’ve had the privilege of educating many of the world’s leading companies, and nearly 10,000 students, over that period of time, in National Instruments and other vendor’s products.  And we commonly earn the feedback that “having experts at LabVIEW systems integration teach the classes creates a much more valuable experience than if taught by a novice.”

With the rise in Internet resources, on-line options, and channel conflicts, the technical training market has changed over the past several years, and WE ARE CHANGING WITH IT. DSA has just remodeled our offices and training facility (come visit us!), and we are using this opportunity to re-model our educational offerings to better align with customer demand and course interests. DSA will continue to offer professional, instructor-led training programs in a group setting for high-demand courses at our dedicated, and recently renovated, learning facilities.

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Project Coaching & Management

DSA assists businesses in effectively planning, organizing, and guiding projects, ensuring successful execution and achieving desired outcomes.

Planning & Project Startup Assistance

Our comprehensive training program offers expert guidance to help businesses initiate projects efficiently, effectively, and successfully.

Modular & Adaptive Automation

We specialize in modular and adaptive automation training, equipping businesses with the skills to implement flexible and efficient automation solutions.

Technical & Industry Best Practices

Training in technical and industry best practices, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to optimize their operations and achieve excellence.

Personalized & Classroom Training

Personalized one-on-one, or classroom trainings that prepare and educate your team to develop their skills and effectiveness in the industry.

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Self-Qualification Form

As a technical user, you may know exactly what you need from us already. If you do, save time and streamline the discovery process with our self-qualification form, where you can let DSA know exactly what you need.


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