“Science” is our middle name, literally.

DSA staffs scientists and engineers that routinely perform laboratory automation services. This may involve developing a customized platform for connectivity and integration of laboratory equipment from multiple, incompatible vendors. Or, it may involve design and development of the machines or equipment themselves, to perform automated discovery in high-speed, high-throughput environments. Likewise, we may be involved in product development research focused on simulation, characterization and design.

Those considering our services tell us things like…

  • “We are doing breakthrough scientific research, but our scientists are distracted with menial acquisition and reporting tasks.  So we waste too much money on senior staff in areas where they are probably overqualified, untrained and inefficient.  Its just not productive.”
  • “We’ve got a great idea for an incremental or revolutionary new product, but we’re having trouble with the design & simulation, or struggling with acquiring, analyzing, presenting & managing all the data.  And, these limitations may introduce costly delays to the product launch.”

If you are involved in research or design initiatives, and need to automate the routine processes or gain a deeper understanding of the data being produced, call DSA to learn how our laboratory automation and design verification services may expedite and improve your processes. Call Now and Close the Loop!