If you make a product, or test a product, we can help!

DSA staffs engineers with diverse technical disciplines and practical manufacturing experience.  Whether you are trying to automate an industrial or a manufacturing process for better control or reduced labor, or you are trying to automate quality control & inspection processes to test the product you (or someone else) makes, then you can benefit from our unique skills in automation engineering, automated test applications, and next-generation MES software platform.

Those considering our services tell us things like…

  • “Business has been good, and production loads have been increasing, but maybe test capacity, reliability, traceability haven’t kept up.  And if we don’t get better controls in place quickly, quality may suffer.”
  • “We are a good company with a long track record of success, but recent business has been bad, and quality & labor costs must be reduced to maintain competitiveness.”
  • “We’ve got a talented staff that usually develops these automation systems in-house, but we don’t really know how to get started integrating new automation platforms.  And we’re afraid to make costly wrong decisions that may jeopardize long-term plans.”

If you are involved in manufacturing projects, and need to increase profits, reduce costs, or improve quality, call DSA to learn how our manufacturing automation and ATE services may be worth considering. Call Now and Close the Loop!