Who ’bails out’ the US Government?  We do!

When US Government Agencies and US Government Contractors need better Data, better Science, or better Automation, they call DSA.  Our diverse staff has been involved in many of the high profile programs designed to protect and defend our troops, our citizens and our homeland.


DSA is one of the only US Government GSA Schedule holders that staffs NI certified experts.

GSA Contract Schedule:  GS35F0101M

Those considering our services tell us things like…

  • “We intend to maintain our military, surveillance, environmental, or regulatory superiority, but lack the agility of the private sector.  So we must establish a cross-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists to bring critical programs to fruition before being surpassed or otherwise challenged.”
  • “We invest regularly in quality educational programs and workforce development, but technical training vendors have not been responsive enough to our needs for advanced instructor credentials or schedule flexibility to accomplish our objectives in a timely or professional manner.”

Government agencies and government contractors that desire automation engineering and training services should call DSA to learn more about how our experts can advance your projects and programs. Call Now and Close the Loop!