We are not an IT company, but our engineers are IT fluent

In the world of engineering services, many of our systems necessarily must connect to, and share resources with, enterprise business systems usually the domain of IT personnel.  We are an engineering firm, first and foremost, that maintains exceptional IT skills to directly benefit our clients that cannot rely on timely access to their own internal IT resources.  The automated systems we deploy are designed to provide managed, organized access to pertinent business information that will greatly enhance decision support activities.

Those considering our services tell us things like…

  • “We are staffed with pretty smart IT folks that can learn just about anything.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of scientific & manufacturing process understanding, they may slowly fumble through to a mediocre solution, if at all, without applying best practices for systems integration.  This has been costly in terms of delivery, performance and maintainability.”
  • “We are a pretty disciplined organization with internal quality controls, but we went through contractor-hell in outsourcing a recent project.  We are tired of being held hostage to the contractor for updates or source code access.  And, we now need to scrutinize the vendor to be absolutely sure that both technical and business risks are minimized.”

If you are looking for a business relationship with an organization that is fluent in both engineering & IT practices, follows disciplines processes and respects the clients long-term objectives for independent maintenance and/or development, call DSA to learn how our Enterprise, Engineering & Empowerment services will satisfy your needs. Call Now and Close the Loop!