Data Science Automation applies our software engineering, controls engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering skills to solve difficult automation problems in diverse industries across many geographic markets. We tend to categorize our projects by their nature as either Research, Manufacturing, Government or Business.

We apply automation engineering and programming expertise to aid and empower…

  • research organizations that design and development new products and processes,
  • manufacturing organizations that produce components, products and systems both locally and internationally,
  • government organizations that collaborate with, and verify compliance of, commercial sources, and
  • business organizations that need to accelerate and streamline decision support activities.

However, we ARE NOT likely experts in your specific business sector or industry. Fortunately, we can guarantee that we ARE likely to have application expertise that will be extremely relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. Our skills are uniquely transferrable across different industries, and typically result in the multidisciplinary cross-pollination of ideas and implementation strategies that maximize ROI.

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