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Energy is a broad market, but DSA’s unique adaptive automation approach can help your business succeed no matter what segment you are in. From harvesting natural gas to maximizing energy efficiency, let DSA automate your technology. Our unique approach to system design using custom software combined with off-the shelf hardware, plus our philosophy of empowering clients to take over their own ongoing system evolution, means that you become free to concentrate on core engineering development while still avoiding perpetual dependence on an outside contractor

  • Jobsite Automation for Oil/Gas Drilling, Fracturing, and Downhole Data Collection
  • Distributed SCADA Systems for Midstream Oil and Gas
  • Solar and Wind Farm Automation
  • Power Quality Monitoring


Fracturing Well Site Automation System:

With the market for extracting natural gas via hydraulic fracturing experiencing a rapid evolution in the U.S., wellsite automation becomes more important for speed, efficiency, and safety. A market leader in well fracturing services recently hired DSA to automate their wellsite activities with a multipoint wireless system that replaced fully manual control of onsite material delivery and pumping equipment with a software-driven automated system. Automatic control of proppant and additives, plus full pump equipment control combined with instant real-time feedback were combined with wireless networking to create a state-of-the-art jobsite control system that increased worker safety and service efficiency for DSA’s client. Call DSA today for more information on this project.

Variable Frequency AC Generation and Power Quality Measurement System:

When a leading supplier of high voltage, high current test Systems needed a better system to test large AC motors and transformers and take power quality measurements, they came to DSA to provide a custom solution. DSA was able to replace power metering measurements that previously cost upwards of $50,000 each with a faster, more economical system. In addition, the DSA system provided precise digital control of power transistors to generate customized AC waveforms to the motors under test, where previous generations of test systems did not allow variable frequency testing. In addition, DSA’s adaptive automation approach allowed the client to receive a system that used modular software and off-the shelf hardware components, allowing the client’s own engineers to reconfigure the system in the future to support related power generation and PQM activities. Call DSA today for more information on this project.