Biomedical & Medical Devices

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DSA’s Adaptive Automation approach can help you bring your biomedical breakthroughs to the world faster, whether it’s automating laboratory experiments, embedding intelligence into medical devices, or testing components faster and better. Also, with the unique medical device industry come unique regulations, such as ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR part 820. DSA understands how to develop within these boundaries and can be your automation partner for medical equipment development, control, and testing.

Our unique approach to system design using custom software combined with off-the shelf hardware, plus our philosophy of empowering clients to take over their own ongoing system evolution, means that you become free to concentrate on core engineering development while still avoiding perpetual dependence on an outside contractor.

  • Embedded Medical Device Software
  • Lab Automation for Research & Development
  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software)
  • Automated Test Systems for Medical Components


Cancer Treatment Device Embedded Control

Bringing modern medical breakthroughs to market requires not only scientific brilliance and smart product engineering, but also a software/control systems partner you can trust. Interacting with sensors, pumps, and other components may seem like a basic task, but when a device is attached to a patient, safety, reliability, and redundance are of paramount importance. This can be particularly challenging when the development centers around equipment that is fresh out of the prototype stage. Our ability to develop solid software with a reliable control scheme, while still validating code according to ISO13485 standards, came into play when we were asked to partner with a medical industry client for development of the control software and user interface for a new blood cancer treatment device. DSA was able to tackle the demanding development schedule while still validating our code to ISO13485 standards, and was also able to give constructive feedback and design suggestions for the prototype hardware that led to a more robust device. Call DSA today for more information on this project, and what we can do for your medical device development.

Artificial Heart Test System

A manufacturer of artificial heart pumps contracted DSA to engineer Mock Loop Testing System (MLTS) for their product. This project had a two part goal: to create a monitoring system for artificial heart testing, as well as to verify and validate the created program to stringent FDA program guidelines. DSA’s extensive experience with test system development combined with knowledge of software testing requirements for medical program validation allowed us to develop a quicker, more reliable automated test system for our client. Call DSA today for more information on this project.