Aerospace & Avionics

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With project experience for organizations like Lockheed, NASA, and the U.S. Air Force in our portfolio, DSA is the right choice to guide you through the development of custom systems for:

  • HITL (Hardware In The Loop) Testing of Avionics Components
  • Telemetry Collection and Visualization
  • System Simulation
  • Dynamic Component Testing

From munitions testing to geostationary orbit, DSA can help! Our unique approach to system design using custom software combined with off-the shelf hardware, plus our philosophy of empowering clients to take over their own ongoing system evolution, means that you become free to concentrate on core engineering development while still avoiding perpetual dependence on an outside contractor.


Satellite Component Simulation and Testing

A well-known defense contractor brought in DSA to help their engineering team develop a test and simulation system for satellite components. The system used various hardware interfaces, including 1553 telemetry and commanding as well as analog voltage and temperature measurements, to simulate the surrounding components that were not being tested while sending commands to the satellite component under test and bringing back flight-like telemetry from it. DSA’s adaptive automation approach made sure that the client engineering team was trained on how to maintain and modify the system, and led to a modular setup that could be easily scaled for addition of new components and telemetry. Call DSA today for more information on this project.

Combatant Watercraft Maneuvering Analysis

DSA was challenged to develop a versatile laptop-based tool to automate the collection and analysis of performance data for combatant watercraft used by the U.S military- from small inflatable craft up to 250 ton ships. DSA’s automated data collection system allowed immediate result processing during watercraft testing and saved considerable time and money when compared with the previous manual method used for analysis, which took days to complete and often resulted in needing to schedule a re-test of the craft. Call DSA today for more information on this project.