Case Studies

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Below is a selection of case studies for the diverse applications we excel at automating. We hope that what you find will be relevant to the projects you have on the horizon in your particular area of expertise.

Can’t Find Exactly What You Need?

That wouldn’t surprise us. Because of the diversity and scope of our projects, we never really repeat the same solution for new clients.  Everything we do is customized and unique to a client-specific application or situation. Our automation and training skills transcend any of these specific projects, and can probably be relevant to you in providing the automated tools, techniques and process that suit your particular purpose.

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21 CFR 11 Compliant Environmental Monitoring and Reporting System
3-D Printing with an Electrifying Difference
3D Visualization of Railroad Wheel Flaws
3D Visualization of Defects in Railroad Wheels
3D Visulaization of Defects From Ultrasonic Pipe Testing
500 KVA Variable Frequency Motor Test System


A High-Volume Production Test System for LED Automotive Lighting
A LabVIEW-based Test and LIMS Database System
A Monitoring System for the Advancement of Green Chlorine
A Non-Invasive Throughput Monitor for Molten Metal Processing
A Physical Instrument from Virtual Instruments and sbRIO
A Resistance Profile Characterization System for Electronic Spring Probes
A Single Platform for Respirator Testing Standards
A Test Driven Development Approach to Medical Device Development
Adaptive Real Time Profile Manager
Air Handler Characterization Using AMCA Standard 210
Automated Amplifier Circuit Board Test System
Automated Analysis of Plastic Inspection Data
Automated Hoist-Winch Test Station
Automated Testing of Actuators for Medical Exam Tables
Automated Verification of Focal Plane Arrays


Beer Bottle Thermal Drinking Simulator Upgrade


Calibration and Test Platform for Flue Gas Analyzers
Caster Durability Threshold Testing
Carburization Furnace Control System
Centralized Accelerated Testing Monitor
Characterizing Methane Concentrations in a Mineusing NI LabVIEW
Characterization of the Next Generation Aircraft Fuel Pump
Characterization of Thermo-photo Voltaic Diodes with Robotic Prober
Chemical Biological Sensor Rapid Simulator
Circuit Breaker Cyclic Endurance Testing
Circumferential Tire Wear Inspection System
Contact Resistance Measurement System
Comabatant Watercradt Performance and Maneuvering Telemetry Analysis
Compander Control for Natural Gas
Complex Control System Realized Using Undocking and Custom X Controls
Counter-Terrorism Respiratory Filter Certification
Creation and Validation of Long Term Test System for Artificial Heart Mock Loops


Data Acquisition System for HVAC Cooling Tower
Data Acquisition Systems Manager Application for a Munitions Test System
Determining Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies
Diagnostics Tool for Automated Locomotive Testing
Drive Belt Test Dynamometer Retrofit
DSC Upgrade to Legacy Tag System


Electrical Tester for Wind Turbine Control Boards
Enhanced Maintainability and Reliability Through Software Backplanes
Engine Assembly Cam Shaft Testing
Enhanced Maintainability And Reliability Through Software Backplanes
Evaluation of Various Communication Schemes Using NI LabVIEW


Facilities Monitoring System
Flat Glass Optical Distortion Analyzer
Flexible Test Manager for Lift Truck Electronics Modules
Forklift Cylinder Test
Forklift Controller Test User Solution
FPGA Interfacing with Sonotec SONOCHECK Bubble Detector
FPGA Step and Direction Control of Motors with Ramping
Frac Pump Controller


Gas Boiler Furnace Tester
Gas Mask Canister Production Monitoring and Reporting
Gas Well Fracturing Proppant Delivery System
Gee Measuring Cockpit Gs With G
Getting the Straight Dope on Counterfeit Gold Bars


High Speed CMOS Transient Analysis for Medical Diagnostic Testing
High Throughput Screening System
High Throughput Security Tape


Immune Adsorption System for Cancer Treatment
Ion Beam Deposition Automation


LabVIEW Based Viscosity Profiler
LabVIEW Data Acquisition System for Aircraft RVSM Certification
LabVIEW Simplifies Testing of Medical Instrument Sterilizer System
LabVIEW Simplifies Viewing of Very Large Text Files
LabVIEW/TestStand Test System for Sony Television Production
Lawnmower Tether Test Control
Listening for Leaks
Long Term Non-Destructive Health Monitoring of Piezo Transducer
Locomotive Control Simulation and Validation System


Magnetron Sputtering Cathode Magnetic Field Mapper
Manetron Sputtering Cathode Magnetic Field Mapper
Measuring Polymer Strength Using LabVIEW
MEMS Digital Microphone DSP Analysis Migration
MEMS Ceramic Multi Layer Actuator
Mercury Emissions Stack Monitor
Military Vehicle Lifting and Tiedown Performance Validation
Mine Explosion Propagation Studies Using CompactRIO
Motion Control System to Characterize Nuero-Otologic Response in Humans


Naval Pump Simulation
NI Tools Assist In Biomedical R&D Breakthrough


Oil and Gas Drilling Wireless DAQ system
On the Fly Graphical Interface Customization
Optimization of an Inline Oxygen Barrier Coating Process for Polyethylene Pipe


Picture This! Creating Controls on the Fly
Plastic Ribbon Inspection Station
Polymer Reactor Data Logging
Precision Characterization of Ethernet Devices with LabVIEW Real-Time and FPGA
Predictable Edible Meat Casing Vigor via Explosions
Prototype IR Camera Software
Prototype IR Camera Software
Production Testing of a Locomotive Diagnostics
Pyrex Glass Press Instrumentation System


Radiator Testing in Simulated Space Vacuum Conditions
Reconfigurable Pulsed Laser Deposition Control and Monitor System
Remote Witness Of Steam Turbine Testing
Remote Control Car Dynamometer
Robotic Control for Reactor Verification


Scalable, Interchangeable PCB Test Platform for LED Lighting
Small Scale Automated Steel Coatings Plant
Smart Programming Preserves Equipment Value
Speeding Development of an FPGA-based Medical Device Using a Hardware Simulator


Tensiometer Controller
Temperature Controlled High Throughput Diode Tester
Thermal Spectrometer Signal Analysis
The Stress of a Turn
The Sweet Sound of High-Quality Microphone Testing
The Work of a Breath
Touch Panel Interface for Wireless Lighting Control Using a Multiple MODBUS Master
TreadSidewall Measurement in Tires


Ultra Sonic Weld Inspection
Upgrading a Digital Breathing Machine for Respirator Testing
Universal Control Simulator System
Using LabVIEW in a Localizable Medical Device
Urethane Shock Absorber Production Testing


Video Content Analysis Using EEG Monitoring
Vision System to Count Microbial Bacteria Colonies
Vision Executive for Production


Water Pump Durability TestStand
Wrapping Up A Nasty Packaging Problem
Wellsite Data Node Configuration System
Wellsite Pressure Pumping
Wing Deployment Test System to Ensure Missile System Readiness


Zinc Air Fuel Cell Test System