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Since 1993, Data Science Automation has been partnered with leading manufacturers of automation tools, and has become a trusted resource to many of the world’s leading companies for integrating hardware, software and systems that seamlessly work together to reduce risk and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Data Science Automation solves very difficult technical problems through automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services.

You will find that, over the years, we’ve been differentiated by National Instruments with pretty much every title they award. We have been a National Instruments Value Added Reseller, NI Certified Alliance Partner, had the first NI Certified Training Centers, and we are staffed with a higher concentration of Certified LabVIEW Architects and Certified Professional Instructors than any other local resource. So what all this means to you is that DSA is uniquely qualified to help you benefit from the the latest advances in automation tools and techniques that leverage graphical system design.

DSA provides custom programming and design solutions designed to adapt with changing needs, and to empower clients to become self-sufficient to the extent desired. Included in this site is a database front end to permit you to search an abbreviated set of DSA solutions. We hope you find this information valuable and thought provoking. With todays automation & computing technologies, so much is possible. You really need to let your mind wander.