Risk-Free Automation Results

risk free automation

How can we possibly make this claim?  Risk is defined as “a chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury, etc.”  And if you plan to limit or eliminate risk, it first helps to know where risk enters a process.  The answer is practically everywhere.  But it starts with your choice of vendor.

Quality Triangle

It proves instructive to evaluate risk potential in the context of the various representations of the Quality Triangle, depicted here and elsewhere.  The concept is simple: A balance of project Time, Budget and Scope, will maximize project Quality.  Disproportionate changes in any leg of the triangle will reduce the area within, represented by overall system Quality.

DSA works extensively with clients to ensure that an adequate and, occasionally revealing, emphasis is placed on project planning.  We intend to balance project Time and Scope with our client’s project Budget, to ensure that the Quality potential is realized.  At Data Science Automation, we don’t cut corners!

quality triangle

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

It probably comes to you as no surprise, but… you get what you pay for!  Total system costs go far beyond the initial capital expenditure.  You may have heard the saying that…

—- “Good engineering is expensive; bad engineering is even more expensive.”

Data Science Automation prefers to maintain long-term relationships with our loyal clients by maintaining honest and open communications, and accurately representing the true nature of the inter-dependencies of the Time, Budget, & Scope constraints in any project.  We can lower your Total Cost of Ownership by applying our Adaptive Automation principles as we

Our client-facing and internal development processes enable DSA to deliver systems that can be deployed in harsh environments and/or operated 24×7, with 100% up-time, with exceptional documentation and training packages to empower clients with self-sufficiency.

Are you planning to make an investment, or to incur a one-time cost, associated with a new automated system or process?  Your mindset in this regard may be useful in determining if DSA is a compatible vendor to your organization.