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Redefining the industry with our certified best practices to streamline automation engineering and related project management responsibilities. Our AgilePIES Chart embodies the delivery of complete solutions and incorporates Adaptive Automation principles that extend and compound the value of your investment. Your projects success is easy as PIES!

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Data Science Automation business practices are based on a solid foundation of industry best practices, audited and certified by third-party registrars.  Our project methodology, specifically, is based on the fact that a successful project involves far more than an adequate implementation phase.  At DSA, we don’t cut corners!

PIES Process

We have built our reputation on our ability to meet the exceedingly high expectations of some of the world’s most demanding clients. During the design, development, installation and maintenance of thousands of projects, we have refined our methodology; constantly improving on the services we are able to provide our clients. Based on those reinforcing experiences, we

That is the basis for our AgilePIES philosophy/methodology.  Each phase is likewise separated into four critical stages to ensure overall project success.  This project execution methodology permeates our existence and has proven to offer very effective guidelines to our clients engaged in automation projects.

Each phase has various stages that may be considered optional to the client. In our experience, however, the highest returns on investment (ROI) are achieved from the successful completion of all stages and phases, with the understanding that the overall project scope/size will determine the value and depth of performing each phase/stage.