Adaptive Automation

adaptive automation

Traditional Automation

Automated solutions that address both current and future needs are a critical challenge for businesses and their management.  Yet, because of the expense of equipment, software and training, many systems are installed with the expectation that they will continue to operate productively, without change, over extended periods of time.

In fact, traditional automation methods tend to achieve short-term goals at the expense of long-term adaptive potential, often lacking the flexibility required to integrate business life cycle and market changes into the technology.  In addition, even if the systems were designed with foresight and implemented with modularity or the flexibility to be changed, the time and skill required is itself a deterrent to the ROI compounding benefits of adaptation.

Adaptive Automation

Data Science Automation has been a pioneering force in applying Adaptive Automation to research, manufacturing, government and business clients that depend on maintaining competitive advantage in their respective industries.  Systems that are designed with foresight and built to adapt become strategic and economical tools for continuous process improvement and long-term competitive advantage.

Our method of applying Adaptive Automation makes it possible to address both current and future needs of an engineering, laboratory, manufacturing, or test system so that continuous improvement through incremental, adaptive change is achievable, seamless and affordable.

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