• FastPASS

FastPASS is a complete suite of methodical, certified best practices and processes to streamline ROI analysis, vendor selection, project specifications, and project execution.

  1. Download this simple flowchart. Get unbiased answers to the question of insourcing or outsourcing to meet project objectives.
  1. Consider our Advanced ROI Analysis tools to quantify business impact of automation initiatives. Research and planning are both critical to qualifying Build vs. Buy options and developing accurate investment estimates. Get us involved early to ‘pick our brains’ and maximize the impact our expertise and experience can bring to bear in your world.
  1. Get a free consultation to discuss a realistic budget for realistic outcomes. It can be a challenge for anyone to develop a price to automate something that has never been done before, but this is what we do all the time.
  1. If you’ve got the project budget but you’re not sure how to source the necessary skills, engage us in a free, unbiased consultation to define an appropriate selection process, set relevant decision criteria, and address timeline constraints.

  2. Or you can get this CSIA download for “Choosing a CSI”
  1. Start with our on-line InSpec project specification wizard to broadly define the initial project scope and system feature priorities. And, with a suitable hybrid waterfall-agile project execution methodology called AgilePIES, you don’t need to worry about specifying or designing an automated system or embedded device that meets the requirements of an unknown future. Enjoy the benefits of a proven and certified methodical processes that leverage the principles of Adaptive Automation to deliver on the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Permeating everything we do is a profound drive to “raise the professional standards of system integration practices to reduce client risk.” Whether we are the best choice, or you choose our competitor, or you decide to go it alone, DSA is here to serve your automation engineering, programming, and training needs, small and large, with methodical best practices that go far beyond just the technical implementation.