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LabVIEW is an impressive development environment that caters to the novice, the expert, and those that fall somewhere in between. But that does not mean that novices are going to be able to develop expert applications using LabVIEW. Express VIs are useful for novice developers to get started with common operations that can be configured from a limited set of options. While handy for quick temporary needs, their limited functionality should be replace with explicit LabVIEW code for any application that demands efficient performance and requires special treatment. Only a certified professional will know the difference and when NOT to use Express VIs.

Certified professionals, like the ones hired by DSA, have proven their prowess by passing certification exams that rigorously test a candidate’s knowledge of a product. This includes an understanding of which tools are appropriate for what types of challenges. Certification is not a one-time event but rather a continual process of using the tools regularly and staying current with the technology as it evolves over time.

It can be difficult for non-LabVIEW users to determine if and how well a candidate understands LabVIEW. Certification is one method for quickly separating the LabVIEW “noob” from those that have risen to an expert level. When hiring a consultant to help you navigate the many functionalities LabVIEW offers, it will cost you a lot less in the end by choosing a certified professional.

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