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Data Science Automation is primarily an automation engineering company that specializes in applying Adaptive Automation technologies…to Design, Simulate, Test & Validate PRODUCTS.

We apply diverse technical skills, and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to create integrated hardware and software solutions to aid in your product design, characterization, and test initiatives for new products or upgraded products to leverage state-of-the-art features and benefits for improved commercial sale and use.

Do you need to design new products based on integrated hardware and software platforms?

Do you need to simulate components, environments, communication protocols, data features, etc. with mathematical models?

Do you need to test manufactured products with rack-n-stack or modular automated test equipment & instrumentation?

Do you need to validate product or process performances in real-time?


DSA is a critical resource to clients that need to design new products to meet launch deadlines, with a wholistic approach from aesthetic GUI standards to design-for-test strategies.  Including mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineering skills, our staff can augment your team of design professionals if your product or integrated system involves a combination of hardware and software including sensors, data acquisition, FPGA, embedded, wireless, etc.  Design for test.


DSA is used by our clients to develop simple to complex systems used in product and process simulations to test and validate performance with inexpensive and conveniently-accessible components.  We simulate everything from Human Computer Interaction to Hardware-in-the-Loop applications to accelerate product development on behalf of our clients.


DSA offers this as core competency; providing exceptional and diverse automated test solutions to research, manufacturing, and government facilities worldwide.  We excel at destructive and non-destructive, laboratory and production-grade testing through electromechanical system design and development.


DSA will work closely with client personnel to develop extensive Verification & Validation (V&V) tools to meet quality control & inspection requirements.  This can include simple automated visual pass/fail inspection, or extend to cooperative development to ensure FDA audit validation for medical devices or pharmaceuticals.

Contact DSA to learn more about how we can assist you in your product development life cycle, from design, through simulation, test and validation, on into manufacturing automation and production test.