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Data Science Automation is primarily an automation engineering company that specializes in applying Adaptive Automation technologies…to Monitor, Predict, Control & Optimize PROCESSES.

We apply diverse technical skills, and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to create integrated hardware and software solutions that span the enterprise to aid in your process monitoring, quality control and optimization, as well as to speed and enhance informed decision making within your organization.

Do you need to design new products based on integrated hardware and software platforms?

Do you need to simulate components, environments, communication protocols, data features, etc. with mathematical models?

Do you need to test manufactured products with rack-n-stack or modular automated test equipment & instrumentation?

Do you need to validate product or process performances in real-time?


DSA automates the monitoring of process & product characteristics & capabilities, the comparison with process set points and product tolerances, the logging of data for historical purposes, and the alerting of personnel in alarm conditions.


DSA automates the prediction of process capabilities, accelerated product life testing, equipment preventive maintenance schedules, safety hazards or violations.


DSA automates the real-time control of centralized or distributed processes and/or product test sequences by integrating advanced software and hardware integration technologies. In other words, we CLOSE THE LOOP by applying SPC, PID, fuzzy, adaptive and motion control techniques to process devices such as flow controllers, valves, motors, pumps, environmental chambers, robots, etc.


We automate the optimization of research, manufacturing, government, and business operations by applying engineering and scientific disciplines to process and product design inadequacies. We write robust software solutions that span the enterprise from order entry through to shipping, integrating factory floor control and capacity with ERP, MRP, MES and SCM systems for optimization at the highest level. We provide integrated, not isolated, solutions.

Contact DSA to learn more about how we can assist you in your process improvements, from monitoring, through prediction, control, and on into process optimization.