Over the years, DSA has operated as many as four Certified Training Centers for National Instruments and other vendors products, offering a full complement of hands-on technical training courses.

The intense, hands-on training courses that we offer can be conducted at our regional NI Certified Training Centers or on-site at our client locations.  In either case, DSA provides all the necessary computers, peripherals, projectors, and software, data acquisition & instrumentation hardware, sensors, and student manuals, solution CDs, etc.  All classes are taught by NI Certified LabVIEW Architects, NI Certified TestStand Architects, and NI Certified Professional Instructors.

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Learn up to 85% faster with NI training

Recently, National Instruments completed an informal survey of training customers in the USA and Canada to try to understand the value that NI training provided them. While most people agree that training is a good idea, it does not come without costs (the cost of the training as well as the cost of time spent away from work). Sometimes those costs can be difficult to justify if the return is not easily quantifiable. The results of the survey are presented here to help you estimate the return that you may be able to receive by making the investment in getting trained with National Instruments products.

Overall, 80% of customers reported that they categorized the return on investment (ROI) for NI training courses as “high” or “very high”, with the other 20% categorizing the ROI as “average”. None of the respondents reported “low” or “very low” returns, which indicates that NI training a relatively low-risk investment. In addition, the average NI training customer achieved the following specific benefits:

  • 85% faster learning
  • 55% faster application development
  • 59% less time spent on maintenance

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If you have any questions, please contact our training coordinator, Toni Brueggman (, 724-942-6330 x 100) for exceptional service and responsiveness.