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NIWeek Moved to May! Don’t Miss It!

G-Wiz Comic #46A

NIWeek offers amazing opportunities. It is easy to think “I already use LabVIEW and NI Hardware, so why should I go to a trade show?” But, taking the trip to Austin is always worth it. There is a completely different level of learning available, on brand new products as well as improved hardware and software techniques. The show goes beyond LabVIEW training classes, or the technical information available online, and gives you real world examples of how users like you are using NI tools to make themselves more efficient at their jobs.

Want to get hands on with the latest equipment?  It’s there.  Want to talk to others in your field to see how they solved problems? They are there in droves. Want to watch Champions compete in LabVIEW trivia?  We’ll see you there!

It may be easy to take a swipe at the Keep Austin Weird crowd, but it is a fantastic town! And the social events including the Block Party and LAVA get-together to the unplanned events all over 6th Street are a huge bonus. And you can swell with a little Geek Pride when you attend an all-NI rock band concert, or challenge a group of LabVIEW R+D engineers to shuffleboard at Buffalo Billiards.

Oh, and seriously, check out the Bat Bridge.

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