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Are You Experienced?

Do you or your team have 25 years of experience with LabVIEW, or the same 1 year of experience repeated 25 times?

G-Wiz #57In 1967 Jimi Hendrix’s album (Are You Experienced) was released. It took Hendrix a lot of work and years of practice to become a great musician. It didn’t happen overnight. He had training and expert teachers along the way and probably a mentor or two to help him along his musical path.

The album title is apropos to a topic that comes up often in our roles as Certified Professional Instructors when training in the classroom, and in our roles as professional system integrators in the field. How do our customers know we are experienced?

DSA has been pioneering the advanced application of LabVIEW to automate and educate the world’s leading companies since its inception 25+ years ago. Having deployed thousands of projects and instructed thousands of engineers and scientist, we’ve heard nearly as many [thousands of times] this repeated sentiment. “I’ve been using LabVIEW for X years and I have never seen that technique/method.”

This is often an indication of what can be termed surface experience. An individual may have been exposed to a topic at the surface level, possibly by taking LabVIEW Core 1 and Core 2, and then gone off on their own to handle a project with little outside feedback. Then they repeat that same level of knowledge and experience over and over again for many years. The repetitive application of surface experience does not make one an expert.

As a professional automation, engineering, and integration company, it is important to us that our clients understand the breadth and depth of the experience we have gained. We don’t just claim experience and expertise. We maintain a staff of certified professionals that enables us to solve your problems using the right techniques and bringing decades of new and evolving experiences to bear. Our certifications demonstrate our expertise to handle your project, but we also want to help you become an expert as well. We don’t just want to hand you a black box of code that you can’t or aren’t allowed to maintain.

One of the things that separates DSA from many other professional integration companies is that we aim to train. It is the foundation of our industry best practice AgilePIES process (Plan, Implement, Educate, and Support). We desire to train our customers on the solutions we provide, and give them insight into the more advanced techniques we use to solve their tough technical problems. This allows them to delve deeper into the pool of knowledge; to get past just surface learning. Our certified experts and instructors can certainly train you in the official LabVIEW classes at our one of our NI Certified Training Centers, but we can also provide custom training on the systems we deliver to you. Furthermore, you can hire DSA for professional mentoring where you can leverage our experts to work along-side you.

If you want to get past just surface experience, contact DSA and become self-sufficient!  Would you like a FREE consultation? Send us an email.

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