Web Enabled Solutions

web enabled solutions

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Web-enabled applications and solutions play a strategic role across all industries as organizations compete to set themselves apart from their competition and meet their customer’s expectations.

Web-enabled solutions and applications are used extensively throughout business to provide information, services and products for consumers as well as business-to-business relationships and markets. The architecture of a web-enabled solution provides many benefits to its owner over the traditional “fat” client configurations including portability, scalability and maintenance.

There are typically five primary considerations in developing a web-enabled solution: web server platform, architecture, data platform and format, browser compatibility and user interface functionality requirements. In our Web-Enabled Solutions consulting and implementation efforts, we carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.

A well-designed web-enabled application can allow an organization to deliver information, services and products to a wide customer and audience base. Data Science Automation extends web-enabled solutions to include real-time data as well as legacy data in order to provide the largest possible benefit from the organization’s experience and resources to its customers.