Vision Systems & Motion Control

Vision Systems & Motion Control

Do you need to improve visual inspection process reliability or capacity?

Do you need to select or procure motion or imaging system components?

Do you need to write custom software to automate image feature enhancement and data extraction?

Do you need to perform pattern matching for part sorting?

Do you need to automate the movement of parts or samples in multiple dimensions?

Do you need to design and install a robotic system?

Don’t forget…

Select a Vision System specialist that has pioneered adaptive automation principles, earned advanced industry certifications, guarantees technical breadth and depth, and invests in client empowerment to minimize your risk and vendor dependence. Data Science Automation offers complete PC- and PAC-based and Smart Camera vision systems will incorporate a variety of hardware and software components, as well as technical and creative strategies.

Components will likely include the computer, application software, driver software, framegrabbers, cameras, lenses, lighting and other accessories such as proximity sensors and switches. DSA offers a comprehensive set of products for all of your vision needs. We have solid relationships with the finest component manufactures and distributors, giving us the ability to select the right products and procure them promptly.

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Thermal Camera Automated Inspection Drives Pneumatic Actuators Motion Assistant
CameraLink Image Processing Stages PWM & VFD Cognex & DVT
Line Scan Camera Lighting Robots Encoders Sony

Being an established Certified Partner of Samsara and a Certified System Integrator for the Association for Advancing Automation, DSA brings a wealth of experience in making new technologies operational in the toughest environments. We have expanded our electrical, mechanical, software, and systems engineering services to seamlessly align with the Samsara sales process. Additionally, as their preferred value-added reseller, DSA will consult, plan, implement, educate and support the robust integration of Samsara technologies ensuring that customers get real value in the most timely manner.

Rather than having to contact several manufacturers to provide individual system components, that may or may not work well together, you can rely on DSA as a single, qualified point of contact for all your motion control and machine vision needs. We have taken the time to establish relationships with leading vendors, and to build and maintain technical expertise with their diverse product lines.

These projects can be exceedingly complex, requiring a diversity of industry, component, integration, and programming disciplines. Our engineers and technicians have decades of practical experience in developing and integrating many sophisticated motion control and vision systems. To maintain their technological expertise and increase their value to our clients, they regularly attend and present a selection of intense training courses and seminars at our many regional facilities.

Complete motion systems will incorporate a variety of hardware and software components, as well as technical and creative strategies. Components will likely include the processor, application software, driver software, controller, amplifier, motors, stages and other accessories such as I/O and gearboxes.  DSA has the detailed knowledge to specify, select, design, build and install critical motion control and robotic solutions. Our technical and professional resources will give you the competitive edge for developing a robust system that delivers results.

  • Cameras and Smart Cameras
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Motion Controllers
  • Drives & Amplifiers
  • Motors
  • Stages
  • Accessories
  • Framegrabbers
  • Lenses and Optics

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