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DSA joins Blackford Capital
Traceability Systems & IIoT

Interfacing with a Smarter Factory

The manufacturing industry is leading the way in IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) deployments. The key to a successful and rewarding deployment is an integrated approach, further including technologies such as big data analytics, cloud, robotics and, most importantly perhaps, the integration of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

For decades, the skilled data experts at Data Science Automation® (DSA) have been making a big public impact with data acquisition and data analytics applied to diverse and challenging medical device, transportation, military, and energy applications. But today’s challenge is to expand sensor-sourced and product-sourced data coverage, and to meaningfully leverage those extensive and growing data repositories with automation and analytics for deeper and more insightful correlations. Such advanced applications of Data Science will drive the next, and sure to be rapid, revolution in continuous improvements.


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Smart Sensors At The Interface To The Real World

Data Storage of Large Data Streams

Integrations of Diverse Data

Ease Of Adding New Data Sources

It’s been said that the group who could make the biggest impact and influence a total transformation
toward IIoT is not a company’s IT or OT team,and it is not the automation suppliers or the IoT technology vendors.
It is the system integrators.

For 25 years, Data Science Automation has been a premier automation systems integrator,
leveraging commercial off-the-shelf tools in the design and implementation of custom-engineered, complete,
and highly-adaptive solutions in laboratory automation, embedded/new product development,
manufacturing and test automation.


What We Perfect

Industrial Internet
of Things

Quality Control


Dispersed Data Collection

Asset Tracking

Supply Chain Traceability

Real-Time Data Monitoring

RFID & Barcode Solutions

Inventory Tracking

Manufacturing Traceability

IoT Device Integration

Sensor Networks

Smart Manufacturing Systems



Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Supply Chain Visibility

Fleet Performance Tracking


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Robust, modular test system architectures can result in short test development times and higher test capacities; and with more products getting tested sooner, more products will be sold and shipped. High throughput testing for pass/fail results is a worthy goal, but so much more can be accomplished. Data Science Automation extends the test strategy to automated text, web and database reporting, and ultimately to process improvements focused on defect prevention.

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