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TestStand Fundamentals II

TestStand Fundamentals II



This course covers advanced topics in TestStand, as well as how to customize TestStand to further meet your needs. You will learn some system design scenarios that are aimed to give you some direction and forethought before you start designing your test system.

Screenshott 2023-05-30 at 10.55.25 PM

Course Agenda

Advanced System Design: TestStand

  • 1: Assigning Development Tasks
  • 2: Modifying Execution Across Sequences
  • 3: Selecting a Result Processing Strategy
  • 4: Creating Customized Step Types
  • 5: Controlling TestStand Programmatically
  • 6: Creating a Custom User Interface
  • 7: Conducting TestStand Code Reviews
  • 8: Managing a TestStand Deployment