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TestStand Fundamentals I

TestStand Fundamentals I


This course teaches you how to navigate the TestStand environment and quickly create test applications that satisfy your test needs using different design languages. This course prepares you to use existing TestStand features and best practices to create and deploy test sequences as a complete test system.

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Course Agenda

Create & Deploy Test Sequences: Fundamentals

  • 1: What is TestStand
  • 2: Creating Test Sequences
  • 3: Troubleshooting Test Sequences
  • 4: Controlling TestStand Execution
  • 5: Reusing Code in a Sequence
  • 6: Storing and Presenting Test Results
  • 7: Executing a Test Sequence for Multiple UUTs
  • 8: Executing Tests in Parallel
  • 9: Deploying a Test Sequence