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Technical & Industry Best Practices

Getting it Right

DSA strives to do right by our customers, so we use widely recognized best practices in the planning, implementation, education, and support phases of our project with you.  We are regularly audited and certified by the Control System Integrators Association on our business practices and processes.  Likewise, our engineers obtain multiple certifications of their proficiency and continue improving themselves with deeper and deeper dives into their areas of expertise.


Doing The
Best For Our

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Modular Software Architecture

Documentation And Accountability

Communication And Performance

Continuous Improvement To Better Serve You

DSA is committed to using best practices throughout our business, and our customers benefit from it.  Every time a customer has our code audited by NI, we pass with flying colors.  Every business challenge we’ve faced, we’ve come through.  That’s how we’ve stayed in business for thirty years, and how we’ll continue to stay in business for thirty more. 


What We Perfect

Certified Automation Experts


Technical Certifications

Agile Development

Waterfall Method

Adaptive Designs

Modular Architectures

Quality Management System

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Control

Source Code Repository

Software Documentation

System Schematics

Code Reviews

Factory/Site Acceptance Testing

LabVIEW Certifications

Audited Credentials

Low-Risk Results

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Robust, modular test system architectures can result in short test development times and higher test capacities; and with more products getting tested sooner, more products will be sold and shipped. High throughput testing for pass/fail results is a worthy goal, but so much more can be accomplished. Data Science Automation extends the test strategy to automated text, web and database reporting, and ultimately to process improvements focused on defect prevention.

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