Quality Control & Automated Test

quality control & automated test

Do you need to automate quality control processes such as part inspection, product functional verification, performance or life testing?

Do you have a steady stream of widgets that need testing with reduced cycle times?

Do you have manufacturing processes that need controlled?

Do you manufacture products that need inspected for quality assurance?

Don’t forget…

to select a Quality Control & Automated Test specialist that has pioneered adaptive automation principles, earned advanced industry certifications, offers geographic proximity, guarantees technical breadth and depth, and invests in client empowerment to minimize your risk and vendor dependence.

Automated test systems are located at critical steps throughout manufacturing processes from consumer electronics to steel and from automotive applications to pharmaceuticals.

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Quality control & automated test systems are used to consistently measure, analyze, report and archive product performance characteristics. Products that are tested electrically, mechanically, and visually (on-line, off-line and/or in real-time) with small, scalable, high-speed technologies can result in greater product reliability, higher profitability and greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

There are six primary considerations in manufacturing test system development: speed, reliability, size, scalability, cost, and longevity. In our Quality Control & Automated Test consulting and implementation efforts, we carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.

Quality Control & Automated Test systems should be planned and implemented using standard principles in software engineering, with a modular approach that can be scaled, further integrated and configured for reuse and adapted to changing product capabilities and test requirements.

Robust, modular test system architectures can result in short test development times and higher test capacities; and with more products getting tested sooner, more products will be sold and shipped. High throughput testing for pass/fail results is a worthy goal, but so much more can be accomplished. Data Science Automation extends the test strategy to automated text, web and database reporting, and ultimately to process improvements focused on defect prevention.

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