Legacy System Conversions

legacy system conversion

Legacy System Conversion becomes necessary or desirable when newer technology provides sufficient benefits or requirements that make older platforms and data no longer economically feasible to maintain.

Legacy System Conversion is the process of creating programs and operating procedures for the manipulation of data repositories that are to be utilized in an application or platform of a different standard. Typically, an organization has amassed substantial information and resources in a database and desires to carry the data forward to be used in a new application. Legacy System Conversion will provide the benefit of an organization migrating its data as its business evolves.

There are typically four primary considerations in legacy system conversion:

  • Understanding the native and target data formats
  • User accessibility
  • Reducing information loss during data transformation
  • Frequency of conversion–one time event or on demand as needed.

In our Legacy System Conversion consulting and implementation efforts, we carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.

Legacy System Conversion is not a one-time event. As new applications are developed and deployed there will always be an issue with the data from the previous system. By using careful planning and technical experience, Data Science Automation can help your organization move its data forward as new applications and needs are discovered.

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