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DIAdem Fundamentals I

DIAdem Fundamentals I



This course explores how to use the most important analysis, reporting, and data management features of the DIAdem environment. Import data sets, analyze them visually and computationally, and create publisher-quality reports. Also learn how to use Visual Basic Script to automate each of these tasks and build DIAdem applications.

Screenshott 2023-05-30 at 10.55.25 PM

Course Agenda

Import & Analyze Data Sets: DIAdem

  • 1: Introduction to DIAdem
  • 2: Managing DataTopic
  • 3: Viewing DataTopic
  • 4: Creating Reports
  • 5: Analyzing DataTopic
  • 6: Calculator and Calculation Manager
  • 7: Units in DIAdem
  • 8: Automating Sequences
  • 9: Solving Typical Tasks with DIAdem
  • 10: Measuring, Controlling, and Visualizing Data