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Data Acquisition & Instrumentation

Customized & Coordinated
Industrial Measurement

We understand the evolving landscape of instrumentation and automation. Are you looking to enhance or substitute traditional instruments with personalized software-based or modular alternatives? Seamlessly integrating diverse acquisition technologies into a unified system is our forte – from analog sensors and images to Fieldbus, GPIB, serial, and industrial networks. Automating the acquisition of critical process data, be it temperature, pressure, strain, or images, is what we excel at. Whether you require streamlined analyses for heightened productivity or advanced automation for enhanced process awareness, our solutions cater to your needs. Partner with us for cutting-edge instrumentation and automation solutions that empower your operations.


Consistent and

Component 2 – 14784678

Signal Conditioning for Computer Measurement

Hardware Selection for Data Acquisition

Acquisition Rates and Synchronization

Data Processing and Presentation

Data Acquisition & Instrumentation systems consist of hardware, signals and software, categorized as follows: sensors/actuators/transducers, analog & digital signals, signal conditioning components, data acquisition devices, and software.

Historically, Data Acquisition & Instrumentation was done with dedicated, standalone devices from manufacturers like HP/Agilent, Keithley, Tektronix, etc.  The advance of mainstream computing architectures and the economies of scale in the PC industry have revolutionized modern DAQ and Instrumentation components and solutions.


What We Perfect

Analog Input


Instrument Drivers

USB, FireWire, IEEE-1494

National Instruments

Analog Output

Signal Conditioning

Virtual Instrumentation



Digital Input

Simultaneous Sampling

IVI Foundation

Serial, RS-232, RS-485


Digital Output


Remote Monitoring

Ethernet, UDP, TCP/IP


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Vendors like National Instruments dominate the market with plug-in DAQ boards and Modular Instruments that rely on virtual instrumentation software like LabVIEW for device configuration, display, archiving, and network communication.

Whether you need to extend your capital investment by leveraging a 19″ rack of legacy multi-vendor instruments or you have the requirement to start from scratch with modern COTS components, DSA can provide valuable guidance, integration & implementation services to design and deliver the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in Data Acquisition & Instrumentation systems.

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