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LabVIEW Connectivity



This course teaches you to create connections between your LabVIEW and other applications. These connections facilitate control or simply passing data from one application to another. Build on the information you learned in the LabVIEW Fundamentals course. Identify the components of integrated systems and implement networking technologies for your applications. Also extend your application functionality and reduce development time by using technologies such as DLLs, ActiveX, and the Internet to take advantage of the capabilities of other applications.

Screenshott 2023-05-30 at 10.55.25 PM

Course Agenda

Connect Applications: Connectivity

  • 1: Developing Successful Applications
  • 2: Organizing the Project
  • 3: Creating an Application Architecture
  • 4: Customizing the User Interface
  • 5: Managing and Logging Errors
  • 6: Creating Modular Code