Automated Assembly & Inspection

automated assembly & inspection

Do you have a manual inspection process that is both expensive and prone to human error?

Do you need to automate quality control processes such as part inspection, product functional verification, performance or life testing?

Do you have a steady stream of widgets that need testing with reduced cycle times?

Do you manufacture products that need inspected for quality assurance?

Don’t Forget…

to select an Automated Assembly & Inspection specialist that has pioneered adaptive automation principles, earned advanced industry certifications, offers geographic proximity, guarantees technical breadth and depth, and invests in client empowerment to minimize your risk and vendor dependence.

Our Automated Assembly & Inspection services solve quantity and quality problems on production lines. For instance, timely defect detection and production parameter control limit monitoring can improve yield and quality performance.

DSA focuses on the six primary considerations in manufacturing test inspection system development: speed, reliability, size, scalability, cost, and longevity. We carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.

Periodic or end-of-line inspections cannot prevent the decrease in quality, efficiency, and flexibility to accommodate varying lot sizes or greater variety. Data Science Automation’s automated assembly & inspection systems will help you solve your toughest technical challenges by seamlessly integrating with your existing manufacturing process. Our custom designed solutions provide you with real-time monitoring and feedback to keep your processes under control.

Automated Assembly & Inspection can detect problems immediately, reduce downtime, improve process control, and increase throughput and yield. In addition, automated, real-time inspection with the ability to gather pertinent data will help you meet regulatory and traceability requirements.

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