DSA purpose

Higher Purpose

Of course, every lasting business has to make money. But we have been driven, since our inception, by a much higher moral purpose…to raise the professional standards of system integration practices to reduce client risk.

What does that mean?

  • Mostly it means breaking the mold of traditional system integrators to transform the historically dysfunctional, counter-productive, and career-limiting relationships with clients to eliminate surprises, finger-pointing, and animosity.
  • While we need to make money, and solve your tough technical challenges, it is even more important HOW we do it. We approach all projects methodically, with ample communication, while leveraging certified best practices applied by highly credentialed engineers and scientist emphasizing the importance of doing it right at the outset. Our highly collaborative, counter-intuitive approach empowers clients to be as self-sufficient as they want to be without holding them hostage.

Core Purpose

Our best clients reduce project risk and lower their total cost of ownership with our unique approach in methodically applying Adaptive Automation technologies…

  • to research, manufacturing, government, and business operations…
    • to acquire, analyze, present, and manage DATA
    • to design, simulate, test, and validate PRODUCTS
    • to monitor, predict, control, and optimize PROCESSES
    • to invent, draft, prototype, and build MACHINES
  • for maximum productivity, quality, profit, and understanding.