At Data Science Automation, our FAST Framework encompasses:

  • Certified, best-practices experts
  • delivering fast & methodical results
  • in automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services,
  • while providing custom & complete solutions leveraging COTS components
  • to research, manufacturing, government & business operations
  • for the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Data Science Automation is the trusted resource for integrating hardware, software, and systems that seamlessly work together. We provide an extensive array of automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services to dramatically improve research, manufacturing, government & business operations. Our diverse technical skills and unsurpassed knowledge of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products from third-party partners, enables us to create highly customized, fully integrated, hardware and software solutions that result in significant ROI for our clients.

Data Science Automation gets results!  We deliver results to our enthusiastic clients because we base our business on a few strategic principles that are not endorsed by the majority of systems integration firms — principles that we have found to reinforce our primary, long-term objective of being the most trusted automation engineering resource to many of the world’s leading companies.

Good Guidance Results in Self Reliance

The staff at Data Science Automation believes strongly in client empowerment.  We fully recognize that it may not be in your best interest to rely long-term on the proficiency of our certified staff members.  Nor do we “hold you hostage,” charging exorbitant rates for simple post-deployment modifications.  Our engineers and scientists are also certified professional instructors with bias toward educating rather than circumventing our clients.

In fact, we have invested heavily in facilities, courses and processes that allow our clients to learn from our experts, to develop self-sufficiency — to the extent required and/or desired — while maintaining a productive relationship with DSA to continue to leverage our vast experience only on an as-needed basis.

Certification Results in Risk Mitigation

As you may have seen elsewhere, Data Science Automation is pursuing the higher purpose of elevating the professional standards of system integration practices to reduce client risk.  We do this on our client’s behalf, by forcing our technical staff to obtain & maintain advanced industry certifications and to instruct courses that routinely challenge their understanding with practical application.  We are the best at what we do, and that significantly reduces our client’s risk in selecting a partner to provide automation engineering and programming services.

In addition to personal certifications, our business undergoes in-depth certification audits that evaluate DSA against industry best practices and benchmarks, in much the same way an ISO audit for manufacturing ensures process consistency and business viability.

Adaptive Designs Results in Cost Declines

Business guru Michael Gerber said “Mastery has everything to do with the relationship between the outset of the process and the outcome of the process.” At Data Science Automation, we are truly masters of our domain – automation engineering. And we fully recognize that the ultimate success of the team you assemble will be determined by the flexibility and adaptability of any initial system design.

That is why we follow a stringent planning process to question and identify (even as-yet unknown) system expectations, followed by implementation using advanced COTS components and adaptive automation architectures.