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  1. As an outsourcing partner, we collaborate closely with our customers to augment their teams and apply diverse engineering skills to automate product research, product manufacturing, product test, and products themselves.

  2. We integrate a next-generation MES platform with out-of-the-box functionality designed to provide the monitoring, measuring, reporting and analytics you need to run your manufacturing operation more effectively.

  3. We also teach customers that would prefer to go it alone – that prefer to insource rather than outsource technical challenges.

  4. Call us with something too hard or time consuming for you, your team, or our competitors!
  1. Generally, any industry that is researching, designing, developing, manufacturing and testing new or improved products or processes.

  2. We are automation experts and can apply those deep technical talents to diverse and complex industries.

  3. We are probably best leveraged in industries requiring exceptional automation skills that blend with disciplined adherence to methodical best practices, as in regulated environments like medical devices, aerospace, autonomous vehicles, etc.
  1. Typically, we serve discerning Engineers, Scientists & Technical Managers responsible for critical stages in the product development lifecycle, including:
    • Research & Laboratory Automation for Systematized Discovery
    • Integrated & Embedded Controls for Intelligent Product Design,
    • Work Cells & Automated Manufacturing for Improved Yields, Capacity and Costs
    • Quality Controls & Automated Test for Regulatory Compliance

  2. We are literally Automating & Educating the World’s Leading Companies. Check out the list of who’s who in their respective industries.
  1. We have actually asked this question of our customers many times. The common theme in their answer is “DSA actually listens!”
  1. We have a methodical a la carte process that closely reflects our values, and emphasizes the importance of planning, designing for adaptation and client empowerment. It really resonates with customers!

  2. But the process is only half the solution. We also allocate exceptionally good, credentialed and experienced people to solve your challenge efficiently with great “bedside manner” for explaining everything in an open book manner.
  1. Academically-credentialed, multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists that know how to write software really well, and that bring significant automation experience and relevant certifications to methodically solve complex automation and engineering challenges on behalf of the world’s leading companies that set very high standards in performance by integration partners like DSA.
  1. While we are a small private company, under 100 engineers, we make a big public impact!

  2. We are rightly sized to responsively serve many of the world’s leading companies that set very high expectations in the standards of performance for their engineering & integration partners. See some of the metrics above.
  1. Of course. We are still going strong after 25 years. While we are small, we are very stable, having become a trusted and reliable resource to many of the world’s leading companies. We are routinely audited by CSIA to maintain best practices in many of the areas critical to project success and long-term customer support.

  2. Statistically speaking, DSA is far more likely to be here to support your project, team or employer long after you have moved on.

  3. And, even if we are not, you will be covered. We provide all intellectual property associated with each project so that you are never held hostage or at risk.
  1. That’s a pretty hard question. While we do have competitors, we do not have peers.

  2. That being said. Most of our competitors, frankly, are do-it-yourselfers employed by our customers, and trained by DSA technical experts in automation best practices.

  3. There are also many moonlighters & fly-by-night startups that damage our industry reputation. They may offer lower initial entry costs, but DSA believes in delivering the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the system.
  1. We don’t cost anything to call and consult. Try us.
    • You will always reach a live person between 8am and 5pm Eastern.

  2. After that, we believe strongly in the value of investment, not the expense of cost. One of our favorite testimonials came from Lucent Technologies, "DSA did in a few minutes what man-months of our internal efforts could not produce." $200/hour may sound expensive until you learn that DSA solved your tough recurring problem in a couple hours. Right?

  3. Depending on qualifications and contact terms, our rates vary from about $50-300/hour. Of course, it depends whether we are working on a Time & Materials engagement or a Fixed Price engagement, too.

  4. We are also one of a very few number of integrators maintaining an active GSA Schedule to support US Government agencies and departments at a pre-negotiated, discounted rate structure.

  5. You will find we can be very flexible, and if we are not absolutely the right choice to help, it won’t cost you a dime.
  1. It would be presumptuous to claim we are the best fit in every situation, and we are certainly not.

  2. So without presuming too much, we can say this... You probably owe it to yourself and the success of the project to at least have a short, free consultation with DSA senior staff to reveal any potential value. You wouldn’t be alone. More than 10,000 others have done just that!
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