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Product Sources

Our business is to provide the highest quality technical computing and automation engineering services to the world’s leading companies.  So, we are primarily a services company.  However, to enable our clients to purchase complete turnkey automated systems from DSA, as a one-stop shop, we have established partner and affiliate relationships with leading manufacturers of hardware & software products that complement our custom programming & engineering services.

If the analogy helps, you can think of DSA as a housing contractor (with higher standards of performance) that maintains partnerships with construction & home improvement warehouses.  You work directly with the contractor, and he manages the many other vendors and relationships necessary to deliver a complete solution.

We do the same thing, but our “house” is a machine or system designed to automate our clients processes, our “crew” is a team of the highest concentration of certified engineers & instructors on the planet, and our partnerships are with vendors of industry-leading software (like LabVIEW and TestStand) and hardware (like sensors, racks/enclosures, PXI, SCXI, cFP, cRIO, DAQ, instruments, fixtures, motors, cameras, drives, etc.).

Standards Sources

We have also established partner and affiliate relationships with organizations that enhance our ability to serve certain industry sectors and/or advance the professional standards for systems integration practices.