Software Engineering


Software engineering is the discipline of defining the best processes for developing software applications and managing quality in a methodical manner. Our expertise is in developing software applications that apply to Measurement & Automation and Enterprise & Integration solutions.

These solutions are more complicated than standalone software development efforts due to the intense interaction necessary with hardware and other systems. As a result, the application of proven software engineering principles is justified and highly recommended.

The value of software engineering and quality standards for software development are further explained by our project methodology. The tremendous growth of PC-based engineering tools and development environments requires that these software tasks be managed — in product design, development, test, and manufacturing. Otherwise, productivity suffers, downtime and rework increase, opportunities are lost, and warranty claims rise.

VISTA is a branded process for software engineering management. It is designed specifically for organizations maintaining dedicated, PC-based Measurement & Automation operations. Software today can dramatically affect time to market and profitability. The VISTA process brings order to this reality. Simply put, it is a process driven, tool enabled, quality standard for software engineering with a heavy emphasis on reuse. VISTA employs best practices and quality standards through a highly interactive process involving consulting, training, reuse, and configuration management.

Data Science Automation is a VISTA Select member, and authorized to sell, consult and instruct in the VISTA software engineering philosophy. Available products include:

  • VISTA Productivity Tools for LabVIEW
  • VISTA Configuration Management Tool Suite
  • VISTA Software Reuse Tool Suite

For organizations that embark on a VISTA campaign, the outcome can be higher quality and productivity, more control over existing processes, and less time invested in completing each development assignment. Call or email DSA for more information.

With so many options in our Software Engineering consulting and implementation efforts, we carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.