Project Coaching & Management

project coaching & management

Many of our best clients have in-house Measurement & Automation or Enterprise & Integration resources to design, implement and/or maintain automation systems. However, few have full time responsibilities for keeping up with the latest trends, standards, technologies, and/or software development strategies in enterprise automation.

To maintain the role of professional consultants, the DSA staff of engineers and scientists is paid to stay ahead of you (and our competition) technically, to guide and advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective approach, and to teach you how to be successful in our absence.

Project Coaching & Management takes the form of a consulting engagement, with two primary objectives. With our Project Coaching you will enhance the expertise of your in-house staff through project-specific workshops, design and functional reviews, and system performance optimization. With our proven expertise in Project Management we augment your current management structure and can assume responsibility for financial and temporal constraints, with scheduling and project tracking obligations.

With this approach, your automation and/or enterprise system will be designed professionally by DSA consultants, and developed with your internal resources. You will get a better-designed system and better-trained and experienced personnel.

With so many options, in our Project Coaching & Consulting efforts, we carefully analyze and consider each of these factors in designing the best overall solution with the lowest TOTAL cost of ownership for our clients.

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