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A Business Automation product from Data Science Automation Powered by National Instruments LabVIEW™

Vis-Aware is an automated visitor awareness and tracking system designed for any environment where your clients, contractors and visitors sign in and out, and where keeping an accurate record of these visits is necessary.

PCs are revolutionizing the way we do business. Why not leverage their capabilities to make dramatic impact on your visitors’ experience? Make a statement that your company is different, better. Make a lasting impression with Vis-Aware. With its easy-to-use login interface and report generation utility, Vis-Aware makes visitor logging and tracking simple and error-free. And by eliminating the outdated logbooks, anonymity for your guests is guaranteed.

Your visitors can simply click on the login button and the user friendly and intuitive interface will guide them through the secured login procedure. With Vis-Aware’s password-protected configuration utilities, you can customize the login screen to include only the information you require, and ensure compliance before the login entry is recorded and visitor admission is permitted.

  • What image does your visitor login process establish for your company?
  • Are your visitor log books an untapped resource?
  • How accurately are your contractors recording their in/out times?
  • Do your visitors ever skip required fields in the logbook?
  • Does Security need to know who is in the building?
  • Do you have time to wade through pages of paper to identify who has not logged out by closing time?
  • Have you ever had difficulty reading a visitor’s illegible handwriting?
  • Have you ever burdened a repeat visitor to manually record contact information more than once?
  • Does your visitor logbook have a pen shoddily connected by string or wire? Is it out of ink?
  • Should all your visitor information be publicly displayed at the receptionist’s desk?

With Vis-Aware, data entry is significantly reduced. A repeat visitor can simply type his or her name at the login screen and Vis-Aware will automatically default the login form to the previously archived visit information, expediting the sign-in process, while permitting modifications if necessary.

Advanced reporting and statistical features permit review of the visitor logs based on many different query options, in both display and hardcopy formats. With Vis-Aware’s client/server architecture, you can install and configure Vis-Aware as a visitor login station at any entrance, and as an administrative console application on any other networked PC. During a facility safety alert or emergency, networked access can permit security personnel to immediately access all visitors still on-site.

Vis-Aware is a sophisticated tool that delivers a technically progressive message to your visitors. It offers significant benefits to your organization and eliminates visitor login redundancies.