ECG Simulator

ECG Simulator

NI Analog Output of Pre-Recorded or Model-Based ECG Signals

The ECG Simulator plays an essential role in calibration, test, design & development of ECG equipment, such as ECG monitors. Part of DSA’s Life Sciences Workbench, the ECG Simulator utilizes NIDAQmx analog output hardware to generate ECG waveforms from pre-recorded files or from a synthetic model.

The ECG Simulator reads files imported from a variety of sources including the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database. With the ability to convert & interpret various ECG file formats, you can study how commercial or developmental ECG equipment react to even the most irregular arrhythmia.

The ECG Simulator also offers a user-configurable synthetic model to output ECG waveforms based on ANSI/AAMI EC13:1992, including variable heart rate, sampling frequency, QRS amplitude & duration, and T-wave amplitude.


  • ECG signal generation from NIDAQmx compatible analog output hardware
  • Import real life ECG data downloaded from MIT-BIH database and use as output signal
  • Test, calibrate & verify your commercial & developmental ECG equipment
  • Read, convert & output a variety of ECG data formats: TDMS, EDF, etc.
  • Attenuation level and method are determined by the user, or use our turnkey hardware to produce physiologic signals with BNC, 4mm banana, and 2mm patient pin outputs
  • Easily adaptable to simulate other biosignal types including EEG and EMG
  • A lower-cost alternative to more expensive handheld ECG simulators

Click here to download the Evaluation version.

Click here to download the ECG Simulator Product Aid.

DSA is a direct source for NI analog output hardware.