Data Acquisition & Instrumentation

data acquistion & instrumentation

Do you want to augment or replace standalone instruments with more flexible and customized software-based or modular instruments?

Do you need to integrate multiple acquisition technologies (analog sensors, images, Fieldbus, GPIB, serial, industrial networks) into a single application?

Do you need to automatically acquire process information such as temperature, pressure, strain or image data?

Do you need to condition your sensor signals?

Do you need to automate simple or sophisticated analyses to increase productivity and process awareness?

Do you need to implement automated SPC?


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to select a Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Instrumentation specialist that has pioneered adaptive automation principles, earned advanced industry certifications, offers geographic proximity, guarantees technical breadth and depth, and invests in client empowerment to minimize your risk and vendor dependence.

Data Acquisition & Instrumentation systems are used extensively to accurately and consistently monitor, predict, control & optimize research, manufacturing, government & business processes. They integrate and collect data from water temperatures to jet engine vibrations, and from digital multimeters to RF vector analyzers.

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Analog Input Counter/Timer Instrument Drivers USB, FireWire, IEEE-1494 National Instruments
Analog Output Signal Conditioning Virtual Instrumentation GPIB, HPIB, IEEE-488 Agilent
Digital Input Simultaneous Sampling IVI Foundation Serial, RS-232, RS-485 Tektronix
Digital Output DAQ Remote Monitoring Ethernet, UDP, TCP/IP Keithley

Data Acquisition & Instrumentation systems consist of hardware, signals and software, categorized as follows: sensors/actuators/transducers, analog & digital signals, signal conditioning components, data acquisition devices, and software.

Historically, Data Acquisition & Instrumentation was done with dedicated, standalone devices from manufacturers like HP/Agilent, Keithley, Tektronix, etc.  The advance of mainstream computing architectures and the economies of scale in the PC industry have revolutionized modern DAQ and Instrumentation components and solutions.

Now, vendors like National Instruments dominate the market with plug-in DAQ boards and Modular Instruments that rely on virtual instrumentation software like LabVIEW for device configuration, display, archiving, and network communication.

Whether you need to extend your capital investment by leveraging a 19″ rack of legacy multi-vendor instruments or you have the requirement to start from scratch with modern COTS components, DSA can provide valuable guidance, integration & implementation services to design and deliver the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in Data Acquisition & Instrumentation systems.

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