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Data Science Automation has extensive experience working with clients and partners all over the world.

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We value your interest in Data Science Automation, and the adaptive automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services that we provide.

Our phone number is on every page of this website because we are committed to being easy to access and engage. We encourage your questions, want your comments, value your feedback. But most importantly, we are the resource you need to achieve robust, adaptive, closed loop automated control of your research, manufacturing, business or government processes. So Call Now and Close the Loop!

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General inquiries, comments, and feedback should be directed to our Headquarters location.


Pittsburgh, PA – Headquarters

375 Valley Brook Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15317
Phone: 724-942-6330
Fax: 724-942-8390


Cleveland, OH – Branch Location

One Independence Place
4807 Rockside Rd., Suite 730
Independence, OH 44131-6808