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Whether you Want to Insource or Outsource,
DSA is your Resource.

We Solve Your Scientific & Automation Engineering Problems through Laboratory Automation, Embedded Product Design & Development, Manufacturing Automation & Test Automation.

As a Gold Tier Partner with Parsec, we help manufacturing operations run more effectively,
using real-time data powered by TrakSYSTM

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  • High labor cost & low productivity
  • Poor quality & low yields
  • Missing urgent time-to-market deadlines
  • Losing tribal knowledge or skills
  • High lost-opportunity costs
  • Technically challenged
  • Unavailable supply
  • Critical demand
  • Poor automation project progress
  • Competitive threats
  • Regulatory compliance risks
  • Job security risks
  • Unsatisfied with current vendor

Solving Complex Technical Problems Since 1993.

Automation Training

NI Certified Training Center

Learn LabVIEW and TestStand from the experts. Our consultants, engineers and scientists are also the most experienced and acclaimed NI Certified Professional Instructors, NI Certified Developers, and NI Certified Architects.

If your project requirements preclude contracting to our adaptive automation programming experts, at least you can get trained by the professionals to independently develop robust and scalable measurement & automation applications in a self-sufficient manner.

NEW Training Course
Python for Scientists & Engineers


Get a basic understanding of LabVIEW for FREE with our LabVIEW Cafe Series.

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February 5-7
LabVIEW Core 1
February 8-9
LabVIEW Core 2
February 13-14
LabVIEW Instrument Control
February 15-16
LabVIEW Object-Oriented
February 26-28
March 5-7
LabWindows/CVI Core 1
March 8-9
LabWindows/CVI Core 2
March 19-23
Embedded Control & Monitoring Using LabVIEW

February 5-9
Embedded Control & Monitoring Using LabVIEW
February 12-14
Managing Software Engineering in LabVIEW
February 21-22
LabVIEW Performance
March 5-7
LabVIEW Core 1
March 8-9
LabVIEW Core 2
March 13-14
LabVIEW Data Acquisition
March 15-16
LabVIEW Instrument Control
March 21-23
LabVIEW Machine Vision


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